Falling Crazy in Love #14 -END [Stereotype 2]

ohnajla || romance, schoollife, family, friendship || Teen || Chaptered 

Suga BTS aka Min Yoongi, Oh Sena (OC), V BTS aka Kim Taehyung, Lee Soomi (OC), Kihyun Monsta X aka Yoo Kihyun (cameo), Minhyuk Monsta X aka Min Minhyuk (cameo)


#1-9 #10-13

New Cast: Kim Do Yeon (ex I.O.I / Weki Meki), Park Jimin BTS

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Swag Couple Series [#29 Robin] #MyBirthday

ohnajla || romance, schoollife || Teen || chaptered

Min Yoonji (OC) aka Yoongi lil sister

Park Jimin BTS 

Min Yoongi aka Suga BTS 

Jeon Jungkook BTS

other cameo


Intro Boy ver | Intro Girl ver | Want You More

Don’t Mess With Me | Oppa | Nobody Like You

Punishment | Bad But Sweet | Who Are You (1)

Pick Me (1) (2) (3)Who Are You (2) | Chatroom (1) (2) (3)

April Fools’ | Oppa (2)  | Park Jimin  | Date

Dream I Need U  | When You’re Gone

War of Hormones | Min Yoonji | Sorry | Morning Romance


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